Confused about what name you should give to your upcoming Event. We have 30+ experiences to choose from, and thousands of five star reviews. If you are going to follow a television show format, then take a riff off the title of the show: For example, "Real Time with Kristin Arnold," "Crossfire," or "American Idol (substitute "idol" for a profession)" If you aren't following at television show format, then think about some other titles: Unplugged: A Frank Conversation with ___________ Mental health is incredibly important. A conference session falls under MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) in the events industry. From Disabled and $500k in Debt to a Pro Blogger with 5 Million Monthly Visitors, 25 Best Personal Vision Statement Examples, 11 Conclusions About INFJ and INFJ Relationship, 6 Conclusions About ENFP and ENFP Relationship, "From Disabled and $500k in Debt to a Pro Blogger with 5 Million Monthly Visitors. A Celebration of Success. Each of the titles above violates this rule. If you are like most people, you first scanned the list of titles. A daily dose of irreverent and informative takes on business & tech news, Turn marketing strategies into step-by-step processes designed for success, Explore what it takes to be a creative business owner or side-hustler, Listen to the world's most downloaded B2B sales podcast, Get productivity tips and business hacks to design your dream career, Free ebooks, tools, and templates to help you grow, Learn the latest business trends from leading experts with HubSpot Academy, All of HubSpot's marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations software on one platform. endobj The point is, research varies. Breaking Barriers. Related: Help Attendees Network like a Boss at Your Next Conference 3. For more large-scale event planning tips, check out conference event entertainment, conference swag, and conference menu ideas. CoSchedule recommends the following title character counts for popular platforms. The goal of the Three Minute Thesis is to present the presenters research in an engaging way the general public can understand. Follow this step-by-step approach, and your audience will want to hear you speak. Team or department-specific meeting invitations can be a bit less "suit and tie," highlighting expectations but also the . Finding appropriate and interactive conference breakout session ideas is essential to creating a dynamic event. Growing your Business. Keep it short and punchy Session titles should be brief, conveying their message in as few words and characters as possible while remaining specific and urgent. This endless sea of choices might actually backfire. Titles should be in AP Style title case. Not worth my time. For example, consider historical sites or monuments. They can make or break your event; it all depends on how much thought and planning goes into creating them. Conference proceedings from the internet: . A symposium is meeting where a number of scholars come together to discuss a particular topic. Options for bracketed text include "Conference session," "Paper presentation," "Keynote address," and so forth. Balanced for Business. Abstract: The most integral component of a conference presentation proposal is the abstract. First, your conference abstract is a sales tool: you are selling your ideas, first to the conference organisers, and then to the conference delegates. Hosting a game session develops essential skills required in the workplace and is also fun and interactive for attendees. As a general suggestion, we encourage you to think of an appealing display that will raise attendees' curiosity and encourage them . Thus, brevity and clarity are extremely important. Each session will have a title that guides the reader to a corresponding description, helping them decide if its a session they should attend. Balanced for Business. Once you narrowed down your choices, only then do you move on to the description, etc. Rather it be the traditional salesman to the business student or networker, conferences can serve as useful tools to expanding your horizons. For organic and paid search, make sure your title falls in the 50-60 character range so it shows the entire headline in results. This is usually the biggest mistake I see made by those who write course, class, conference, workshop programs. During this event, assemble a panel of experts in the field. Once you know what you're good at, work it into your webinar title. Sex! Now that you know what makes a good webinar title, try creating 3-5 solid working titles on your own. From there, workshop with other people on your team or get feedback from your customers to see which one resonates the most. Content Expert at How can you help your sales team convert potential buyers? Here are some tips to help you write interesting, engaging session titles that will encourage your audience to keep reading. This activity also develops essential skills like communication and reasoning. For more information, check out our, The Catchiest Webinar Titles We've Seen, Plus How to Make Your Own, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Libraries. So let's walk through the steps to create catchy titles. Encourage participation and make it easier to share ideas with tech-based tools: A live polling app like Glisser or can gather and display audience responses in real-time. Addressing a specific goal or problem will also make it easier to choose the format, content, and speakers. Knowing this, you need to ensure that your course description is appealing. Dream it. For example, How do you feel about utilizing productivity apps like Slack? or How much do you love chocolate ice cream? Then, all attendees line up based on how strongly they feel about the question. Your goal is to make the reader think, "this . Develop the Possibilities. $xd]Bn}CFL:P.+?p;p5{JhV3 Get there faster. For email promotions, consider what subject lines work best for your brand. Provide the name of the conference or meeting and its location in the source element of the reference. Your first iteration of a title should have a subject, a verb, adjectives, and adverbs. The New Software Update Closed a Few Security Risks for Our Customers. Be sure to check the NCSEA Leadership Symposium web page for updates. 1i WW. fZsr{xM!ZpHjE*) Titles can't be too short or too long. Partners in Progress. Event Data: This is basic data that describes the event itself. Then, participants move on to another table. Be Extraordinary Beat (name of biggest competitor) Better and Consistent Beyond All Limits Board Break Experience at the event! Next add the title of the work and put it in italics, then add (in square brackets), whether it's a [Poster session], a [Poster abstract], or a . The term financials is also vague. This session is a chance for participants to ask highly specific or off-base questions, especially relating to topics not covered in other breakout sessions. Giving attendees a chance to focus on themselves and their mental state is a great use of a breakout session. Check out this guide to creating a DIY escape room. The conference committee will want to know how your work relates to the topic of the conference and to your field as a whole. The Future is Today. Generally speaking a topic of direct interest and value to the audience will draw a bigger audience than a big speaker name/keynote (there are some exceptions). Theres some well-established principles that have stood the test of time (and multiple A/B tests and research) regarding how to write a conference presentation session and/or course/conference/workshop description that will draw the largest audience. For example, Pictionary, Charades, or Werewolf. More is more. Where can Conference Organisers find the upcoming hot and trending topics for conferences? 3. Consider the number of conferences and annual meetings that boast "hundreds of educational sessions and speakers" as key selling points in their marketing messages. Matthieu did his PhD in bioinformatics during which he organized many research conferences. Free and premium plans, Operations software. This button displays the currently selected search type. Join me for this event: NDDPI & Cognia Continuous Improvement Conference Conference abstracts are processed and reviewed in several steps. What other suggestions would you add regarding writing programs and sessions that have the objective to draw a larger audience or number of students? Write session titles that are clear and direct, and not abstract. Many skills are forgotten about or not considered in the hiring process or on the job. Because conference goers can only attend one session at a time, they must plan their event schedule by choosing which sessions are most relevant to their particular areas of interest. Step 1. Search engines know more than the rest of us know about our more intimate thoughts. Coming up with an amazing webinar title is an important step in standing out, attracting leads, and engaging customers. Workshops have long been a great way to communicate ideas, bring people together, or get closer to accomplishing business goals. Try another search, and we'll give it our best shot. Share the Vision. Here's the format "How A got to B". Then participants take these new skills back to their workplace. Attendance Guide Another compelling approach is to advise people on who should attend what session. Expertise for changing times. Session title and description length Session Titles: Between 10 and 15 words, roughly 70 characters (including spaces), is the optimal length for a session title. make your presentation more audience focused, Frequently Asked Questions About Presentation Classes, Why We Need to Make Changes in Our Internal Processes. The title and subtitle are separated by a colon. If video available, include link at the end of the reference. Midcourse Corrections Blog Archive Do Conference Session Learning Objectives Really Matter? Enjoy the meeting. For example, "3 Ways to Reduce Stress" or "5 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep." 3. Be sure to consider how much time you have to accommodate speakers. Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. }MttzJ lS{dL:j2 Q0I}'2i@z0 4>D)G^8"9'ku%]A}v__QH 6&' Conference breakout session ideas are topics and activities that create a fun and interactive conference environment. We Are All In. Here's a breakdown of each to inform your webinar titles. Symposium. . HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. "marathon" = 24-48 hour event. Yes they are more fun and easier to write (and often dont require much research)but they dont sell as well. After the event, nurture people down your conversion funnel by inviting them to learn more about your company, sign up for a future webinar, or join your email list. Below are examples of meeting invitations that use these best practices for different types of meetings. Conference breakout session ideas are topics and activities that create a fun and interactive conference environment. Catchy presentation titles are important when you begin to design a great presentation. So, if you want to catch the attention of your audience right away, realize that catch presentation titles can help. Again it might not look pretty from a creative perspective but it works. One of the most important takeaways from a conference is participants new connections. The following is a list of sample subjects for conference breakout sessions. A catchy and effective title should: Be appropriate to the occasion or tie into the conference theme Outside of the tech folks, no one really cares about website security. Pursuing perfection. <>/Metadata 89 0 R/ViewerPreferences 90 0 R>> You Can Reduce Your Overall Department Costs. Cool catchy titles that sound fun but dont really say anything of value dont draw as well as titles that clearly state what the presentation/workshop/course will be about and what attendees will learn. To plan this event, set up your room in a way that encourages small group discussions. A Three Minute Thesis event is a great way to present various topics concisely. That was a good conference. Then, the experts must use all the information and skills they have gained through their careers to answer the questions engagingly. I love meetings. This feature encourages interaction and creativity among participants. Tips For Hosting a Conference Session. At this session, attendees can learn about the difficulties women face and how to overcome these trials. Relevant Keywords The downside: competition. Next Generation Leadership. Or, you could ask participants to line up according to birthdays or height. <> It is simply a way to get busy people's attention. It's your chance to draw in your target audience and turn people from passive viewers into engaged leads. We Exceeded Our Corporate Goals and Increased Profit Last Quarter, So Your Quarterly Bonus Has Also Increased. Where do you provide the most value? Then, set a timer for five to seven minutes to allow introductions and discussion. If you're presenting a case-study, this format is ideal for your presentation title. Session Title and Description Do's and Don'ts Session Title Do's Be concise - keep the title to one line (approximately 6 - 10 words) Be specific and persuasive - you are selling your topic to conference attendees who are choosing from among hundreds of opportunities. Generally, lightning talks are not directly related to the conference topic. 2023, all rights reserved | Terms | Privacy, list of Mental Health Awareness Month ideas, womens conference breakout session ideas, Combating Mental Fatigue in the Workplace, Encouraging Physical Fitness Among Employees. Here's a breakdown of each to inform your webinar titles. Make it Matter. 2 0 obj Length: Many conference proposals are no more than 400 words. Or make the photo booth more dynamic by providing costumes and hiring a professional photographer to capture the memories. Leading the Pack Leading the Way Leadership: Sharing the Vision Legendary Leadership Lessons _____________ Live Lighting the Future Meeting the Challenge Making a Difference Make it Happen Make it Matter! People are more likely to open an email that uses terms they are familiar with. Here are some of the most important principles to keep in mind: 1. Title of conference, location. First, fresh air and exercise are great for physical health. Department Heads Need to Communicate Team Activities Better. Prior to this meeting, please make sure that you review [information] and be prepared to talk at length about: [Talking point #1] [Talking point #2] [Talking point #3] Regards, [Signature] 5. Human Spectrogram Despite the fancy name, this format essentially involves voting with your feet. It is often impossible to cover all relevant information and topics in a single conference. The description is flexible (e.g., "[Conference session]," "[Paper presentation]," "[Poster session]," "[Keynote address]"). 4. Example topics include movie facts, sports trivia, or all about food, however, you can concoct more creative categories like accidental inventions, strange laws, or celebrity side hustles. Precision and Performance. She studied Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, Information Science at East China Normal University and earned an MBA at Washington State University. If you are like most people, you first scanned the list of titles. "=dTEG"WDXKcU;37c,})8|&X\LF|2CBp2Il*_ =GOm>jzveV~ iUM)21NYESUit A good hook could be a relevant, well-known song title or phrase, or even an alliteration or rhyme as long as its directly related to the subject matter at hand. May 04, 2021. One of the best ways to ensure a record conference attendance is to have the BEST keynote speakers and the hottest topics that will pull a crowd and please your stakeholders. In this session, Im going to show you a quick and easy way to come up with a great title for your presentation. By hosting an offers and needs meeting, you encourage attendees to think about their soft skills or things they are good at that often get overlooked. So take a little time to think through some key questions: Then, choose games that promote teamwork and communication. ", 125 Clever Catchy Trucking Company Slogans, 125 Catchy Law Firm Slogans and Attorney Taglines, 100 Best Side Hustles for Teens to Make Money, 10 Proven Psychological Pricing Strategies with Examples, 100 Office Etiquette Rules You Need to Know, 50 Best Business Letter Closings of All-Time. Say goodbye to boring, long, and unproductive meetings. Facing the Challenges. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3161 A Celebration of Success. Conferences serve as some of the leading exchanges of ideas and information for individual sectors of business. Published: Capturing event data for your virtual events allows you to compare the virtual event's performance with virtual events, as well as its in-person counterparts. So, rather than saying "meeting," try "team update" or "conference call." This will help people understand what the email is . Virtual Concert This engaging virtual event idea will make for a memorable experience. To set up a game breakout session, set up a room with several tables. All Rights Reserved. In most cases, they make that determination based entirely on the title of the speech. This event is a wonderful opportunity to ensure attendees leave the conference with all the information needed to be successful in the future. These sessions earned this designation based on attendance numbers and survey results. Start typing a few ideas in a search engine and wait for the autocomplete to suggest a few search phrases. Chairing a session is not about looking smart: It is about making everyone else look smart both the speakers. The purpose of these activities is to encourage discussion and learning among attendees. Expect the Best. These are presenter cheat-notes. You've reeled them in with a catchy title just remember to plan a great webinar and get them excited to learn more. Trivia is a great way to encourage discussion while attendees have fun with each other. A World of Opportunities. Hosting a speed networking event is a great way to allow attendees to make these connections. More common, however, is to hand out simple evaluation forms for each session, and one for the overall conference experience (see Tool #4 for sample evaluation forms.) by Doug Staneart | Podcasts, presentation skills, Corporate Office The Leaders Institute 2016 E Randol Mill Rd, Suite 417, Arlington, TX 76011 (800) 975-6151, 2001 2020 The Leaders Institute, LLC. Moves from meeting to meeting. It can be tempting to use a controversial hook to get people talking about your session, but if it doesnt actually apply to the subject at hand, you will lose credibility and trust in the end. % 1. Home Slogans Catchy Slogans 51 Good Conference Slogans and Taglines. Use Example Abstracts as a Guide. Each picture is therefore shown for exactly 20 seconds. You need to make your abstract as fascinating and enticing as possible. 'ySV&ziBD!q:X=GhpKBBd@UhRHs. \sV6+4"H*fTj>+]7MZt2aA5k\kFpsC/Y9e' vJH>GI4^o[)5jwpD#/#bFJZtZ(F^c\O%'WEJN[SA9zgdgG'Y#f9y5C%/a%knuSyJ/4UP.SJ ?S(+jC%u-1@Xw$Lw8y*,^@;Wd*iIxE91+wg. Then, allow the needs to find the offers and let the discussion flow. To host a silent disco, each attendee will have a pair of wireless headphones. A silent disco is a great option to break up the monotony of traditional conferences and give participants a boost of energy. The titles that you looked at created an impression of the speech. Your email address will not be published. Annual Conference of the International Lego Pedagogy Group, Boston, MA, United States. Full session descriptions, as well as additional workshops, will be added to this listing on a regular basis. 1. You can place small two- or three-seater tables throughout the room. Though everyone who has attended our conferences and other events has not given us raving reviews, we are gratified that so many of them attest to the significance of the experience. In that instant where you were scanning the titles, though, you probably had this inner monologue going. The goal was to raise awareness of mental health issues and get audience members to come away with their version of the story, depending on how much, or how little, they wanted to involve themselves. You can skip phrases like, "In this presentation, presenters will." Get right to the meat of the session content. This Year, We Will Increase Revenue by $200,000 (And Commissions by $25,000) by Focusing on Repeat Business. There is no catch and no charge for this service! Conference breakout sessions are events or activities that participants attend in small groups. And because webinars are meant to inform or educate viewers, it's best to let people know what they'll get from handing over an hour of their time. What has been proven to work is 2-4 descriptive sentences followed by 4-10 bullet points of what the key take-aways will be (length depends on whether you are writing for an session, workshop or a course). While it might look prettier from a creative perspective, people wont read itits looks makes you look boring.dont do it. A HubSpot survey found that people sign up for webinars to learn about a hobby or passion, to be entertained, and to understand something about their career or industry. Higher, Faster, Stronger. During his spare time, he likes to spend time with his wife and 2 daughters and read on his kindle. We also have a list of conference quotes, list of the best jokes for conferences and a list of leadership conferences to attend. Marketing is not a frivolous effort that undermines the authenticity or academic rigor of your work. Generally speaking topic is always king. If you're great at bringing in prospects for small businesses, you could host a webinar like "Actionable Lead Generation Tips for Startups and Entrepreneurs.". The meeting does not ask for anything. Escape rooms are a classic event where participants must solve problems and puzzles to win. Conference Titles. Sex! And that means making it different. A Challenge, Problem, or Goal On-Brand Messaging Your title is the first thing people see, so it needs to grab their attention. Environmental comfort (i.e., not too hot, cold, bright, dark, or stuffy) 6. As a writer and brand consultant, I always preach the importance of maintaining cohesive brand messaging throughout every marketing touchpoint. "Moneyball" for Child Support Most conferences offer many different sessions, and sometimes they take place concurrently. Annual Conference Meeting Sample Details File Format PDF Size: 7 MB Download Conference Planning Meeting Agenda Details File Format PDF Size: 28 kB Download Business Conference Agendas Small Business Conference Agenda Details File Format PDF Size: 33 kB Download Leadership Conference Agenda Example Playing games can develop communication skills, encourage strategy development, and promote problem-solving skills. By David Staughton CSP CCEO, Practice Consultant and Award Winning Speaker. The primary purpose of a title is to get the attendee to read the first sentence of the description. OH,}Qitiz[G|q$]Sor=o2qV-sPxM9Y>n,,hs?j=!-n O-c4ksUVWtlxjfKO $3n G See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, conference papers, and web pages. So, be concise. The wins of change. Breakthrough to Excellence. Back on Top. Instead, your title (and your bullet points) should be really easy for the audience to read and understand.