The slightly blankcanvas Normal channel does make agreat partner for an overdrive pedal in front, too. Theres no MIDI or external control, no effects loop and no headphone output, and there are no effects other than aroom or spring reverb emulation and whatever tremolo the original amp would have and they cost about the same as aStrymon Iridium, which will give you three classic amps, or an Atomic AmpliFirebox MKII, Boss IR200 or Line6 Pod Go that will give you loads. Based on a Vox AC30 (opens in new tab) platform, the Ruby 63 Top Boost has a control layout consisting of volume, cut, output, bass, treble and boost. New Release: EDM Expanse (Construction Kits). If youve registered the product with Universal Audio and downloaded the bonus cabs, youll also have aboutique 2x12 ported cabinet, a4x10 combo cab, and a2x12 with JBLs. So there you go my tips for getting good discounted pedals. For more information, please see our universal audio dream 65 vs iridium. What little difference there was would never be heard in a band mix. These amp-emulator pedals also offer the ability to use 4-Cable mode with any amplifier that has an effects loop, allowing for switching between the amps preamp section and sounds in the pedal (or all three of em if you like), with 4-Cable mode being one of the foot-switching options. Even the H9 has lots of tremolo options. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This one does one but does it amazingly. Built on powerful dual-engine processing and world-class UAD modeling, Dream '65 delivers bold cleans, sweet breakup, and divine spring reverb and vibrato. I thought I would post my thoughts on the pedal and how it compares. The growing family of UAFX pedals from Universal Audio now includes three amp-emulator models that join the Astra Modulation Machine, Golden Reverberator and Starlight Echo Station we previously reviewed. Tele, bridge pickup, with guitar volume control backed off to about 70%. Connect to an effects return if possiblethe suggested 4cable mode works great to allow you to use these as aswitchable alternative to your amps own preampbut it can still work if you have to go in the guitar input of an amp, especially on nonmastervolume models. Is there an option for headphones or do you need to run it into a powered speaker or audio device? The 123STABLE project will feature platinum- and iridium-based nanostructures as a model system to introduce a unique "123" approach, as they still possess the best electrocatalytic properties for the future electrification of society through the Hydrogen economy. Here too, UAs recommended pairing of a Silver speaker with the Normal channel for a classic Brian May setup will inspire you to check out the other micd-speaker combinations on offer here. I love the Neuro Desktop App for deep dives. The guitars controls behave properly, and the clean tones have real life and sparkle like they should, not the generic clean tone that some modellers seem to resort to when theres no obvious distortion component. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Universal Audio UAFX Dream 65 Reverb; . It's really nice to see a breakdown of this. The Woodrow takes you straight to the 50s zone. 60 Cycle Hum 114K subscribers Subscribe 1.4K Share 85K views 9 months ago #guitar. This sucks because by my thinking, you really need four switches: bypass, boost, reverb, and tremolo. Connecting to an amp: what UA call the 4cable mode.The stompbox format and ability to defeat the speaker/mic/room emulation mean these devices are obviously envisaged for connection to real guitar amps, as well as for DI recording. If you are not, its here for you to discover just how fabulous and individual it is. With pedal set clean in the Stock position, it was easy to get very realistic Fender Deluxe Reverb (opens in new tab) tones that sounded excellent, with lush reverb adding a beautiful wash of airiness. They all work well: the Deluxe into aDeluxe, not surprisingly, but the Vox into the power amp of aMark series Boogie is aspecial delight, maybe because it offers up akind of chime and grind that the Boogie on its own cant get near. MPC One based studio - thoughs and opinions please. Couldnt resist. Measure content performance. I was back and forth between an HX Stomp and the Dream 65. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. UAFX Dream & Ruby VS Strymon Iridium (The Bethel Sound) Devan Bumstead 5.73K subscribers Subscribe 12K views 5 months ago This video features a side by side of the UAFX Dream (panned left). There is not a pedal on this board that I paid full retail for. I was gonna do my own big write up on this same subject (and still might), but this hit a lot of the points I was gonna bring up and more succinctly than I usually can. Each reverb is set to 0.b3guitars Phoenixtc electro poly tune miniStrymon CompadreStrymon Iridium or Universal Audio Dream '65Strymon TimelineStrymon Flintaudient evo4Bass Kramer DMZ 6000BStrymon CompadreStrymon Iridium Power supply Strymon ojaiPC Mac book pro 2021 Daw-Logic proInstagram #strymon #originalmusic My favorite guitarist John FruscianteSlashTommy GuerreroDave NavvaroMark SpeerJoe PerryAndy TimmonsYvett Young AUSBC port is presently reserved for registration and firmware updates, but Im sure primarily studiobased users would like to see the mobile app functions implemented in awiredconnection desktop app, too. Many users prefer the amp without, although there are admittedly some classic Deluxe clean sounds that rely on it for abit of sparkle. Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier STRYMON IRIDIUM . Watched one demo but wasnt clear on where the output was coming from. REVERB I love spring reverb. Haha. The UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier pedal gives you the essential American tube amp used by artists and producers for 60 years, from Muddy Waters to The Beatles to Elvis Costello. Privacy Policy. Heads Up SoSer's - When SSDs Fail, They Fail Catastrophically! You must log in or register to reply here. I'd super interested to know if using a Y-splitter to headphones sounds good and works without hassle. Because this is TGP, and we love overkill - How about adding Milkman The Amp 50 into the running. Art Thompson is Senior Editor of Guitar Player magazine. The York IR model of an Oxford speaker sounds very similar to the UAFX one. The onboard speaker sims are OK, but I downloaded the York IR Deluxe Reverb IRs and absolutely love those. I suppose a headphone amp would be necessary for that. The signal then goes to the HX stomp. Im going to start with the 65 Deluxe, because that is my amp of choice in the real world of actual tube ampsmine is a68, but tweaked to the earlier spec, and also with some of the same mods. For the speaker sims, like I said earlier, I use the York IR Deluxe Reverb Oxford set. Inevitably, people will look at the price and format of these UA pedals and make acomparison with the seemingly everincreasing number of very nice multiamp digital emulations you can get for the same money or even less. You can then choose your speaker, cabinet and mic setup. As soon as you move one, its sound will jump to the new position. But if there is aconsensus, it is that digital modelling of guitar amps and speakers has come avery long way in the last few years, and for many players our choice is no longer acase of Is that good enough? but rather Do Ilike that one better than this one? Youll notice Ihavent referred to any digital spec or latency figures in this piece. Bath hide. Hereby, Universal Audio, Inc. declares that the radio equipment type Bluetooth LE Device (Residential) is . I usually keep the GtrPad on. The speakers and boosts are all unique to each amplifier, reflecting both standard equipment and historically favoured alternate choices. The Dream 65 Reverb-Amp, Ruby 63 Top Boost Amplifier and Woodrow 55 Instrument Amplifier are stompboxes, sure, but they are painstakingly rendered amps in their own right, each capable of standing in for the real thing while providing sonic options galore, and they all receive an Editors Pick Award. I've been testing the Dream and Ruby against the Iridium + Flint and a bunch of pedals in front for my headphone rig. Recorded to DAW via a two-channel DI box straight from the stereo output of the pedal, with no recording or mix processing. Like you I can dial in some unbelievably great sounds with the amp sims and York IRs. No doubt you get a warm classic fender amp sound in all parameters the dream 65 pedal offers. The con would clearly be versatility. Do the headphones have to be powered or does the amplification occur in the pedal? UAFX Dream '65 requires power to pass audio through the pedal. How much feel difference would you say there is? Agraphical representation of the control positions in the app would be enough. It was surprising actually, as the Helix family Deluxe reverb model is among my least favourite. DaveLockwood. http://www.superdangerstudios.comFollow on IG: used (Amazon are affiliate links)---Universal Audio Dream '65: IRIDIUM: FLINT: Booster: SD-1 Super Overdrive: Labs Sparkle Drive MOD: Blues Jr: Pickups: Necks: Iridium: Audio IR: UC1: 2017 5k: A6400 camera: 16mm f1.4 lens: Duet 3 Audio Interface: use the Apogee Duet but it is out of stock at over 10 years old, this is the newer one that will work just as wellSony MDR-7506: Both sounded amazing in demos. / , , . Try using the lowsensitivity input and, on Fenders and anything with asimilar tone stack, turning bass and treble to zero (keep the mid control on maximum, if you have one). financing* i Bundle Savings Available! *It only has two foot switches and does not allow for any external jacks. For classic DR tones, it is a wash. Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 VS Strymon Iridium [BGM] - YouTube Answer2:24The backing after 0:20 is the sound of A.It's connected to other pedals, but only Timeline (to Lead) is. Some people have had decent results, but depending on the impedance of your headphones you might get very disappointing volume levels. You can find them used for around $300. It sounds like a Deluxe Reverb. 3 stereo tremolos. The UA dream 65 is no exception and is probably going to rule all others in my book from a realistic tone view. The Stock position uses the instrument input and adds clean gain at low settings, although theres plenty of graininess available when the instrument volume knob is turned up. Starting out with the Dream 65 Reverb-Amp theres volume, reverb, output, bass, treble and boost, the latter two doubling as speed and intensity when tremolo is active. That being said, I might still keep it. What, no Marshall? you might be thinking. I don't really need a "dead on, balls accurate" DR model. Hey first of all thanks for the honest and detailed comparison to the capabilities of both the stomp and the dream 65! Surely next? The cut, bass and treble knobs work in the usual fashion and provide plenty of range to dial-in tactile, blizzard of nails tones from humbuckers and single-coils alike. York Audio IRs tend to make a massive difference. Each is preassigned amic type, drawn from Sennheiser 421, Shure SM57 and Beyer 160 ribbon. The six cab sims on it are all great. In contrast to any other hardware ampsimulator platform Ican think of, however, each of the new UA pedals models just asingle amplifier type. Get Started UAD Software Downloads UAD Store Assistance My UA Account Product Manuals Support Videos Warranty & Repair UAD Software & Plug-Ins Support Announcements FAQ: Native UAD Plug-In Bundles Ultimate 11 Free Upgrade UAD Software Compatibility with macOS 13 Ventura 2023: The Year Epiphone Became Unaffordable, Don't store picks in zip bags for too long. Name all your Women -- Artist whom you LOVE Where can I buy (and what is) a "Standard" Telecaster bridge pickup. Thanks for the write up. The big one. I would take the Dream 65 over Iridium if I had to do it again. Like I said, it sounds great and is relatively easy to use. I have and love Dream--it's a perfect Fender in a box without buying four or five separate products to get there. Its that range, and the ability to find all the nuances in between, that has kept the Tweed Deluxe as one of the most favoured recording amps of all time. Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 48 +7 Sound samples Hazey 0:00 0:00 Stereo Amp and Cabinet Emulation Pedal With spring reverb and vibrato, multiple speakers, cabinets and boosts, live and preset modes, and customisation options with the UAFX mobile app Microphone and speaker combinations from the OX Amp Top Box In Amp mode, the standard amp controls are available. When used in a mono-in/stereo-out setup, the input is split before the stereo effect engine. September 6, 2022 . All rights reserved. The modelled tone stack obviously works in conjunction with the circuit tweaks of the modded amps. I would have loved to get the HX but it was a bit more money than I could get the ampero for. . Try setting the Speed in the middle and start with the Intensity all the way up, and then turn it back to the middle, observing how it appears to get faster, rather than less intense, and change waveform. I would take the Dream 65 over Iridium if I had to do it again. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. They definitely sound better out of the box than the Stomps. For heavier grind the Lead setting (which cuts out the bright cap) sounds formidable when boost is turned up to 10 oclock and higher, where midrange from the tone stack is added to yield increasing amounts of fat, juicy distortion. Win! It may not display this or other websites correctly. You can safely use more of it to sound like Robben and Larry in their Dstyle period. Clearly, with no MIDI and no preset selection from the pedal, the design goal looks like it was make an amp sim that works with the immediacy and simplicity of astompbox. There is a reason it is on so many pros boards. The left-hand speaker switch has Silver, Blue and Green settings, and here too you can cycle though all six micd cabinets (or bypass) by holding down the switch. Built upon powerful dualprocessor engines and UA's proven analog modeling expertise, UAFX Guitar Pedals give you sonic authenticity far beyond other stompboxes. Overview -. PS I also have a Strymon Iridium and previously took it off my board because it just felt redundant to the Stomp. But that would rather be missing the point. Universal Audio's Dream '65 Reverb Amp pedal is an authentic start-to-finish emulation of perhaps the most recorded 1 x 12-inch combo amp of all time! Theres just asingle control, as in the real thing, but nothing youd want to tweak: just beautiful for anywhere between subtle and surf. Thats one area where Im very happy to see modelling departing from accuracy! Then UAFX released their Dream 65 and GAS got me and I just had to try it out. And finally, the socalled Vibrato effect (really Fenders periodcorrect optical Tremolo circuit), accessed by selecting the Alt position for the centre threeway mini switch, which repurposes the Treble and Boost controls as tremolo Speed and Intensity, respectively. I will clarify that this isnt the stock US Deluxe Vibe setting on the Stomp, but one I spent the last 18 months tweaking. The channels are automatically ganged when you turn both volumes up, but you can hear either alone just by turning the other one all the way down. We also have additional pricing info and tools in the tables below. But like, what's the point of having all the options if none of them sounds as good as this one? TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars. He has authored stories with numerous guitar greats including B.B. For me though the Helix shines more for its boutique models, rather than the stock Fender/Vox/Marshall options. The Woodrow 55 Instrument Amplifier models all the subtle nuances of aFender 5E3 Tweed amp, including the interaction between the instrument and mic stages.It is quite hard to imagine asingle amp being able to deliver both Larry Carltons sweet sustaining cleans and leads of the 70s and Neil Youngs guitar mayhem, but they are both very characteristically Tweed Deluxe. The room simulation is spectacular, and just lifts you out of the dry sterility of closemiking into aplaying comfort zone when recording. Does either configuration help when switching to other amp models? What is the glittery gold pedal with the oil rig looking graphic on the far left, bottom row? Learn More. No complaints, but nothing that make is stand out. AMP SIMS - What I wanted to know most is whether or not it can actually do anything that my existing pedals wouldnt allow me to do. Lastly, D-Tex (the aforementioned SRV mod) has both more gain and midrange. BLUF: the UAFX Dream 65 is a great pedal but not really that much of a jump from the HX Stomp.I really like the build of the Dream 65. Amazon Warehouse often has pedals that were returned for significantly discounted prices. Last edited: Aug 28, 2022 rhyming_orange Member Messages 634 Aug 28, 2022 #3 Connecting to an amp: what UA call the 4cable mode. Very convincing miked amp and speaker sound for DI recording. It really sounds and feels like a real amp, like I would challenge anyone to A/B and figure out which is which. Admittedly, I put that down to my own lack of experience with 50s tweed Fenders. All pedals have two inputs and outputs (which can be used in different configurations), aUSBC port for firmware updates, and Bluetooth for communicating with the app. Answer2:24The backing after 0:20 is the sound of A.It's connected to other pedals, but only Timeline (to Lead) is on. As per the original circuit mod, vibrato is only available when the boost knob is off. It sounds different than all the other options and I think it is because this pedal models the reverb being between the preamp and power amp. Everything is under the fingers: dig in and it will spit and grind, lay off with the right hand and a Tele bridge pickup can have the big, fat clean of a pedal steel. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. And while the boost knob increases gain too, its more of a tone shaper that adds midrange and treble. The three toggles on it are fun to play with giving 8 different voice combinations. The Dumblestyle boost is also aprogressive tonestack lift, but compensated for to some extent in later circuitry. The Dream '65 Reverb Amp is housed in a heavy-duty metal chassis. I would say the second best amp sim I've played is the two notes cab m+ because you can much more easily configure multiple mic set ups and go into the weeds with the tubes and preamp set up. I also have the reverbs and effects that are in the Stomp. Personally, Iprefer my amp emulations to come in ahardware box with physical controls, preferably the same as the ones on the real amp, to which Ican directly connect aguitar and know that input level and impedance are not variables. Opted for the Dream 65. . A good tube in the right hand slot will help you fine tune the distortion character to your liking. The Classic American Tube Amp Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Learn More The Sound of the British Invasion Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier However, I purposely chose to show those two things side-by-side in order to highlight the fact that these two pedals really focus on different features and different approaches to the "amp in a pedal" product. Im trying to set my stomp and dream up like this. GuitarPlayer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. I think Ill buy the DR pack next and give that a whirl. Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amp Pedal Features: Authentic end-to-end replication of one of the most iconic 1 x 12-inch combo amplifiers of the '60s Boost control for easier breakup, with unique settings on each amp mode Built-in spring reverb and vibrato to capture the sound of the '60s Remember, there is still an emulated power amp running here, so it tends to work best with amps that arent already distorting too much. More Details $ 399 .00 As low as $17 /month with 24 mo. BA1 1UA. And it certainly hits that mark, especially if you just treat it like atwochannel amp, with perhaps aclean sound in the Live setting and amore driven one as apreset, or two versions of the same setup, just with avolume difference (the output level is part of the preset). I frequently run a light compressor after the amp model. Built on powerful dual-engine processing and UAD audio modeling expertise, the Dream '65 effects pedal . I dont have an amp with an effects loop. 3 BIG Differences - Buyer's Guide for Strymon Iridium vs Universal Audio Dream '65. Its areally simple circuit, with no reverb or modulation, asingle Tone control and ahighimpedance microphone input alongside its instrument input. Dont let your partner stop you. But it sounds stunning - and is still a lot cheaper than a real 1965 Deluxe Reverb. I currently have an HX Stomp that I have been using for about 18 months. Gaming. Me, too. Get the most authentic emulation of a mid'60s American tube combo ever placed in a stompbox Immerse yourself in classic tubepowered spring reverb and vibrato effects UA offers free ir cabs if you register your pedal. The 65 Deluxe offers achoice of aCelestion Greenback 25, aperiodcorrect Oxford speaker, and an EVM12. Here are my biggest complaints about the Dream 65: *It has no MIDI (this has been beaten to death elsewhere). The 2-610 is the new company's first original analog design. boost) is turned past noon. Here is a tip for how to get good pedals for low prices. Some presets also use setups not available in Live mode (mismatched speaker pairings, offaxis miking) which Ifind rather frustrating. If youve used the real thing, be prepared for the eccentricity of their behaviour, perfectly replicated here. UA recommends the combination of the Blue speaker selection with the Brilliant channel as a pairing used by the Beatles and U2. List of Partners (vendors) No Personalization. I usually keep an old iPad hooked up for controls. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. For testing I plugged in either a Strat or a Les Paul and ran the three UAFX pedals daisy-chained together into either a compact live rig with a small power amp and a 1x12 cabinet, or direct into a PA, usually in mono. I would say if you want a great amp sim of a Deluxe Reverb, the Dream 65 is a fantastic option.