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All production and builds in the factory are belt based and there are 4 identical, but rotated \"mini bases\" that each produce 1.3k SPM and fit into a corner triangle. It includes all the methods you need to take the designs and blueprints from the beginning on constructing your main bus, all the way up to using it to gain the advantage. But hey, if it can give you some form of advantage, then why not try to do it? - A guaranteed method to achieve throughput unlimited balancers is to place two balancers back to back that fulfil the first condition for throughput unlimited balancers (100% throughput under full load). Thanks for this! For me my last base that could launch three rockets every half hour had 4 belts iron, 4 belts copper, 2 belts green (but was starting to bottleneck, should have built 4 lanes green), 2 belts steel (from its own supply of iron ore and smelting, i.e. 0 reviews that are not currently recommended. How many main bus lines do you generally use? While I might leave room for 4x iron/copper, 2x everything else, the setup normally doesn't live long enough for me to flush it out completely. But when you discover the most important ones, you'll eventually have a grasp on it. This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 11:18. To balance belts it has to be made sure that the output belts contain an equal number of items from each input belt. Split-off designs aren't strictly necessary but help immensely. Balancers that are output balanced distribute evenly to all output belts/belt lanes. Bowling. I also tend to bus 2 steel, 2 plastic, 2 reds, 1 blues, 1 batteries. Lane balancers may be output balanced or input balanced. Valve Corporation. The following amenities are available at Bus terminal bus stop: ATM, Toilet, Luggage storage, Kiosk and Coffee bar Near the bus stop in Bus terminal you can also find: Train station (387 m) and Parking (203 m) In case that you wish to continue your journey from the bus stop, you can find . Reason being is to have 4 belts of green circuits at full power requires 6 belts of copper and 4 belts if iron. How many main lines of base resources( copper. The way in which materials are split off from the main bus determines which production setups in the factory are prioritized if the bus delivers less input than all the setups combined need. Place 2 rows of belts along the gear, inserter, and belt assemblers, and place the snaking belt that leads to the Green Science assemblers as per screenshot below. Players sometimes choose to only build on one side of the bus until they can estimate that they won't need more belts on the bus. Most basic science is done and I reworked it to start pushing towards beacon based systems. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. That means that a splitter can be used to put an equal amount of items on two belts. Support me on Patreon: Twitter For details of upcoming live streams and anything else 280 Char or less: with me live on Discord: for all your Live Steaming needs: like being hit in the face, with a book? The gif on the right shows a 4 4 balancer being fed by two belts, but only outputting one belt which means that its throughput in that arrangement is 50%. Here are some things people have put on their bus in the past: Each of these items would get a dedicated line of belts from which one would draw from if there is a need for the item. Putting a lane-balancer after a split-off is not necessary most of the time as the rest moves on if the belt has no draw or if only one lane is used. 4 should be max, as even if you run 4.. you will still run out as the belts just acts as buffer.. the real key is to have more inputs to the main buss, or and give some factorys direct link that matches theyr requirement from the furnaces. Using iron plates as index 100: Copper: 78 Steel: 7 Plastic: 15 Coal: 13 Iron Gear: 6 Electronic Circuit: 38 Advanced Circuit: 6 Stone Brick: 2 Note that this is for science only. That means that a splitter can be used to put an equal amount of items on two belts. Blue belt can transport 40 items per second fully compressed. The following designs have the additional property that if the incoming belts are fully saturated then the split-off belt will be full (recall that a single splitter with a single full input belt will by default split off a half-filled belt). Hamburg, Giessen It is only visible to you. Comati PSG Zentral-Omnibus-Bahnhof Bus terminal, Hamburg, Comati PSG Zentral-Omnibus-Bahnhof Bus terminal. Aarhus, Berlin But for some other parts of the bus you can easily do 6 belts next to each other This can lead to designs of a base consisting of only train-stations with small logistic networks without any belts. Place inserters as per screenshot -- only inserters need long-arms. Mad respect. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. by CJ5Boss Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:40 pm, Post I tend to only use main busses when bootstrapping up a large train-based base so just iron, copper, steel, green circuits, and maybe gears. spaghetti for everything else. by Trebor Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:14 am, Post A corner is not unheard of but very unusual and is often only necessary when a lake appears that is not planned for. One reddit post mentions the use of cargo wagons as a means to increase throughput and reduce the size of a bus. All rights reserved. IMPORTANT: Guide will be updated for Full Release when I can find the time to do so! Hamburg. The direction of a bus, being horizontal or vertical depends on personal preference and how one likes to work on the production that splits off it, which can almost always be expanded for greater use later on. I've never been a fan of the central bus. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). 33 $$ Moderate Sports Bars, Bowling, American (Traditional) Broadway Sports Center. if its easier on the group to explain, I'd be happy to be suggested a video that covers such dilemmas and any others that I'm not yet imagining. - - To be throughput unlimited, a balancer must fulfil the following conditions: Balancers often do not fulfill the second condition because of internal bottlenecks. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Buy Factorio here: tutorials: to my Factorio Tutorial series where I'll be trying to teach you guys everything I know about Factorio. Main reason I run a 4/2/2 bus for my start base is that it allows me to produce continuously produce a SP3 and PM3 module in yellow assemblers and still have enough resources for 10/12/24 science in blue assemblers. In this particular case, the bottleneck can be fixed by feeding the two middle output belts with more splitters. Phone number (716) 649-0940. Would you say that I should have more chopper and iron? In Factorio, having a main bus is an advantage, however it must be well-designed to make sure that it could be used properly and efficiently. These balancers can balance evenly between any inputs and any outputs. by Rjskeet Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:44 pm, Post These items are often just put into chests for personal use rather than on a bus. The easiest way to upgrade belts is simply run along the line, holding down the mouse button to place belts on top of existing ones. EDIT: Here is an example of what I call a stage 2 "starter" base. Re: How many main bus lines do you generally use? Green & blue circuits share a line going in. - If there is enough input for the item to saturate a whole belt then putting a lane-balancer in won't help to get more items later on. Hamburg, Siauliai by ultralance12 Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:53 pm, Post The bottleneck in this balancer is that the two middle belts only get input from one splitter. Hamburg, Lviv Bus terminal is located approximately 2.2 km from the city centre, which is approximately a 10 minute ride. I dont make any two buses identical unless Im following a blueprint for some starter base. Munich, Hamburg Search reviews. Watching the trains move through the junction is so satisfying and mesmerizing! Makes doing blue science and rockets later easier as well. Split off iron in two places (for throughput), and a half-belt of green circuits. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. This is also a downside as there are more belts used and therefore more room for belt-buffer and everything is less compact. Hmm I was doing 2 lines for green 1 each for blue and red and i also space my lines 4 spaces apart for all my fluids and a litter needs. Hamburg, Kolding - by netmand Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:16 pm, Post I have made about two lines of iron and copper in my last few vanilla games. After that I begin to distribute production to separate factories and do not have single main bus for all products. All purchases through these links help out the channel and when possible also give you guys discounts!Epic Games Store:\u0026epic_gameId=undefinedHumble Bundle Store: to find me?-----------------------------------------------------Feel bad about Adblocker? For the belt furthest from the assembler, split off green circuits. When more than the number of allowed outputs backs up, the universal balancer behaves like a normal balancer, and may not balance properly. Some players eventually phase out the main bus entirely in favor of robots. It's all about trial and error as you start out, you can't be afraid to build something and let it run for a few hours to see how it works - if its not working right delete it and try something else. Keep the main bus, build your new base close to it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw you were behind this. The concept of a Main Bus is to put the most used and useful ingredients in a central spot to use for assembling machines. The priorities can be set in various ways but this should not distract from the fact that more resource input should be added whenever this becomes a concern. Personally, Ill run 8 lines of copper, 8 lines of iron, 2 lines of steel, and 1 line each for coal and stone. 1.2K 91K views 1 year ago #Factorio #FactorioBaseTour This Factorio Base Tour showcases a magnificent 5.2k SPM (Science Per Minute) Mutliple Main Bus Megabase made by Hornet! Your resources still come from a mine somewhere, so your bus will get thinned out after a while even with balancing. The following are two designs for a split-off off a 4-wide bus that feature an in-line lane-balancer(by reddit user /u/moomaka). This is fixed by adding more furnace/mine set ups to keep production high. Use the belt throughput numbers to determine how many lanes it should have. What is your definition of "main line bus" ? Youre allowed to do your bus as you see fit. Place Concrete or Stone Brick under a couple lanes of your bus & in one of the spaces between lanes (at a minimum) since it gives you a speed boost when running. Hamburg, Skopje Therefore, I usually go down to two. The reason I asked about what a main bus should have is because I am rebuilding my base from scratch. - Grouping differing items together can cause problems when splitting them off, hence only groupings of two differing items is recommended. But robots have their own difficulties and require a lot more resources and knowledge of the game. The orientation of and how wide the players monitor is also plays a role in this decision. Once you can expand them in Factorio, you may put one of the green and red circuit builds each, alongside the blue processors, modules, science, and steel smelting. What should be on main bus Factorio? Heya Gmanicus! 0eNqVld9ugyAUxl/FnKstwRbwT1sfY7fL0mhLHIlFh9DMGN99qO1mWrrCFfHI9+NwvgP0UFSaNZILBVkP/FCLFrL3HlpeirwaY6prGGRw5lJpE0Eg8tMYmGeEFAYEXBzZN2RkQB7Kt4WSWpVcsdNC1lRcKSYXsshBpmQu2qaWKixYpRbiePhAwITiirN509NHtxf6VJhlMvKIgaCpWyOrxbiqQYUUQWeGeBgTusFQdwz5BxN5ZxPZMLE3htowiTMGXykIjlyyw/wrtjBT70LdQKkFuvmFamO7LGVtxidY01bXXqq1avTYNXfgrW8hsa2Ou/v2tqS1SubEiA1BsKcX+HnVCPH1lzhAqb8X+M8KLh44QSKHIl6sxavEIVHvQ2I3JvEx13rMSOqCwBeEPYuN72as9wbZ+p5OgzEX7HQZZ4tnBkGVG52J0XDaUyB5+amCl6IL1nqtBf/SbE9fg9xMPTPZTuA0jmmabiihu2H4AQXcOK0=, 0eNqVlNFugzAMRX8F+WmTwkpSSlc+Y6/TVEEbdZZoYMGphir+fYZOHVrTijwhQu7J9Y3xGcrK6caiIcjPgLvatJC/n6HFgymqYY26RkMOJ7TkeEWAKY7DwmVHrKAXgGavvyGXvQhQvk2UyqtE0seJrKmQSNuJbDlDRrYwbVNbiktd0USc9h8CtCEk1Jeix5dua9yx5GNyeY8hoKlbltVmOJVRMW/t+JH2g6F/GDUbkzygLIPNLH2YNBijfJjVbMzVjIA9Wr27fFIeZnZ707cJvaweuFpfCY6v2B5szc/HWQ++ftumdtS4oUFuuK+hoSU+d5sZ9cXXAqUPIZPA3L1GpAy9Pb8ZFRx38pc2mjthy+BO97tLQ+L2tpNcBXSk30QWWov3p5XrwBHCFJ5t4xzMJxNeQFWwjNdUPFYUWTx8UvRUdtHCLZzBL6e36jkqeetJ23bkZmmqsmytpNr0/Q+uzw2D. I still need to put skynet back in =P. - When one wants to use the items on their bus one could directly take items off the bus as if it is just a belt, though that would mean an extremely long bus and useless lengths of other belts. - Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. One downside to this can be that all resources are used up before every machine gets fed. You are very welcome! It includes all the methods you need to take the designs and blueprints from the beginning on constructing your main bus, all the way up to using it to gain the advantage. Really quite unique in my opinion.The factory utilizes 2-8 single length single headed trains for the raw material transportation. Universal balancers can be throughput limited. For the belt furthest from the assembler, split off copper plates. - Id like to consider starting a train-grid factory that I see people use and I'm just theorizing that I'll come into the issue of picking up ingredients. Here are some Assembly line examples to get you started: Science pack production can efficiently pull off of the main bus to have an expandable system. Sometimes this can be fixed by looping the unused output back around the balancer and distributing it among the inputs. Some people like to have fluids part of their bus which could include: Having all possible items on a bus results in a huge wide bus with a lot of belt-buffer for expensive items and standing belts of output-items that won't get used in another process. The easiest way to do a two-material split off is to start with the position of the belt near the assembler, and work backwards. by vanatteveldt Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:14 pm, Post there is even enough iron left for "buildy things" (belts, etc). Putting a lane-balancer after an inherently balanced build that produces the item is also not necessary as then half of the production pauses and the other half fills the moving lane to saturation. Community-run subreddit for the game Factorio made by Wube Software. So I'm starting of a new factorio game, planning on making my first rocket in this game. Lubeck, Hamburg Place 2 rows of belts along the assemblers. there were conveyor belts. For green circuitsi never go more than two for my starter base. How many bus stops and stations are there in Hamburg? Most likely you will need dedicated iron/copper smelting for green circuit production since so many things take them. Generally my main bus consists of iron plate, copper plate, and coal. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. You'll get more benefit from your modules if you prioritize using them for more expensive things first. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America),,, Red Circuits (Advanced Circuits) x1 (recommend x2). Since the process can be repeated infinitely, balancers with 2n output belts are easy to create. One of the most popular alternatives is the modular outposts. Press J to jump to the feed. A good example of this are copper cables as they consume more space on a belt than in the form of copper plates. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. - 2 iron, 2 copper, 1 red circuits, half and half blue/batteries, 2 plastic, green circuits, 2 steel. by MobRules Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:12 am, Post All rights reserved. 0eNqlld1qhDAQhV+lzHUsxv/6DPsGpRTdDUvAjRLjUhHfvaPWVTBbMu1VcPR8OTOTMQOUVScaLZWBfAB5rlUL+fsArbyqoppipm8E5HCX2nQYYaCK2xRYvvAiGBlIdRFfkPOREZSnnTKwKqURt01mdKHaptbGK0VlduLwP+Jo/GAglJFGiiX1+aH/VN2tFBqTejA6VOirrnFdKAyaukVhraZ9EeYFDHpc0NFqo+5M000bHsABAewTuCHFMCeAo2fVPGAfVAsl/kM9+WZPqifuEmd3KxUPHVykFuflXWKBpu5Q7gzNtkloKmkMxo44/zVec7cg3qitCGwU7lMxVjOcuyTEfxLyrYiA2j27k9DBif+rkYg8lS6Hk8f0oXTiJsQO2suWUhpoP0oZofJIwJ/u/IPOdxcQg6pA7xiLvBnyMl0ad6HbZZSyNOBZmPhhNI7frCw6ag==, 0eNqdld9qgzAUxl9lnOs4TBq19Rl6tdsxhrahBGyUGMuK+O476jqFxpGzq+DR75fv/DHpoaw61VhtHOQ96FNtWsjfe2j1xRTVGHP3RkEON21dhxEGpriOgfmLSMLAQJuz+oKcD8yj1E5dF5mzhWmb2rqoVJVbiYVXvLXtcaXckZRvK6UcPhgo47TTas57erh/mu5aKosZ/ao7VNiLrXGdnTNo6haFtRk3RVgkGNxxQTsPD3Xnmm5M8gksCOCYwN1RDHMCWBLAFG7yjwrzBazNBjfdmrhNKg4gnLVVp/ld6oFmwdDYyxQe5j7cKA82elimvqm0cxh7xsWvyaOeHgSP6R0PaQznwQnz4CJyEZIw/0k49ua7o06Mv2wywEn8p5GEfDYE1T2lHw1B3IzYT3/Z9pQGCi/iQKg8EvDon66mfHUHMqgK9I4xGU2Ql2qE3JRt539NSpGmmeDiMAzfI+ZmDA==, 0eNqlldFugzAMRX9l8nOYcEih5TP2Ok0TbaMqEgQUQjVU8e8LdAy0hirWniIM9+TajsMNjmUnG6O0hfwG6lTrFvL3G7TqootyjNm+kZDDVRnbuQgDXVRj4P5FJGBgoPRZfkGOAyMo31ZK7lUqK6tFZk2h26Y2NjrK0q7EyX/EYvhgILVVVsl76tND/6m76iiNS2qLwaCpWyer9birQ0WcQe+WZBgN/cHwX0znNjYXU7t1AxTPHDYnU3e26UbbD9yEwI2QABYEMIW7I9eT++qZkjHow2TBmHg2w+CsjDzdX3EPc7+c9KZU1rrYo6n4dffE1iHYFgbbwpjeUVw6qvRGQxFD8sWffGNfusip3fRWDZMAJ/FTI4I8pkEl2tGnNIibEs+Jv2wZpYHeacQ9ofKO4O7c6X7OV/8fBmXhvLuYiCbIy8i4StNOiFQInqYZR34Yhm/sYzpB. Make sure to re-balance belts after you split from them. As of 0.16 Splitters can prioritize one in- and output lane, therefore the above design can supply fully saturated belts if the splitters are set up in a way that prioritizes the output belt (to earlier production) rather than letting items go on. The 4 line meta comes from a time of fixed underground lengths and the need for even balancer sizes. That means that a splitter connected to two input belts will evenly distribute those items onto the the two output belts. People Also Viewed. Hamburg, Berlin (Airport Schonefeld) Post In place they are used sparingly, 1 gear factory provides more than enough for an assembly line, and they can be placed such that the iron comes on half the assembly line, and the gears are placed on the other half. Belt Balancers - how they work and how to make them, Finding balance: A guide to belt balancers, I usually go for KatherineOfSky's bus, especially in vanilla or slightly modified vanilla play, which is this: My own personal Factorio super-power - running out of power. Many balancers fail to balance properly once an output backs up or if an output is not used. Sulfuric Acid: Used for both batteries and Processing Units (Blue Circuits). The width of the bus can become a problem if it is very wide. For n n balancers where n is a power of two numbers, nlog2(n)n2 can be used to calculate how many splitters are needed. A bus often starts at the smelting of iron, copper and steel, and then over time and distance gains more and more different items. The resulting balancer is usually larger than a balancer that was initially designed to be throughput unlimited. by astroshak Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:44 am, Post Additional referece for all that is Factorio: Thanks to everyone who shares their ideas on the forums & YouTube! Amsterdam, Hamburg - Other times, this is not an option. Frankfurt (Airport), Hamburg This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. by sha664817 Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:57 am, Post I'm not a fan of linear buses, but I would urge you to plan out a production target and design according to that. Mechanical Throughput Magic (circuit-free), Frequently Suggested / Link Collections. When one doesn't have enough production to saturate a belt (or splits it into more) then this can be called a "fake"-bus as it can not be saturated. (As shown). Maintaining a main bus would require you a lot of effort and time to do it, including re-balancing your belts. Definitely 4 green circuits. When you find yourself needing an extra component that is used for very few items, (like stone, stone bricks, or coal), either run a line to the side of the main bus, ending it at the assemblers, or carry the materials in via robots & requester chests. To have all the information in the palm of your hand download our mobile app for free! You could be the first review for Hamburg Legion Lanes. Steel is usually the one I'm short on. - When logistic robots are available one might start moving some items by robots instead of using the bus. So, if only one side of that splitter gets input, as can be seen in the gif, it can only output one belt even though the side of the splitter is fed by a splitters which gets two full belts of input. You're going to need more than a single belt of iron and copper. Mister's Bar and Lanes. There is no real right answer just whatever works best for your set up. I think this would be adequate: Oh, I already have blue belts. I kinda disagree on steel. As others have said the main bus simply acts as a buffer - remember that it's not your resource pool. Berlin, Hamburg Same with the production that is to the side of the bus, leave space between the builds for later expansion or belts that go between, at least three, six to ten is fitting. We have located 2 bus terminals and one bus stop in Hamburg. 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, 0eNqdlt1ugjAUx1/F9GpLitJDReUxdrssC2jjmkFLSjEjhndfwbkQLabHq4bC/3c+e8qZFGUraiOVJdmZyL1WDcnez6SRR5WXw57takEycpLGtm6HEpVXw8bli4iTnhKpDuKHZKynCOXbRAlepbSimsjqUlorzESWBMisyVVTa2OjQpR2Iub9ByVCWWmluAQ9PnSfqq0KZyZjcwxKat04mVaDVYeKEkq6YekHh24w8I9pnWFzNNqtcyB2BdFrNLq1dTv4fQdOMGBAgDkCHCO4a3RCmS+hKRoDPswmHAMPvNk+UV53UMhBGrG/vIOA3O2eKDbMmZFqxgqLn4gG8NGw8LPlN8J9UMBCb+vggyb3A2juELDlOgDIse0b+9qOrQP8imC5HhHezmVpCIL9IfxebEIQ8UMvtuhpE/cBnbzDptk7JCDGpNk//xn+TEFAhAD4kRDETTA19Ycc3uPxNffuMh4v7mzyS0JJmTuZ2+PR6MvCyOOXXbwU3WLVriqtq/w7f3XfnYRpRmjKOaTpBhjs+v4XLT/v+g==. Valve Corporation. - Place these one tile away from the Red Science output belt. These start out as iron chests, upgrade to Passive Providers, then to Requesters as earlier belts are phased out. Every item that is used in more than one recipe, got it's own production area with train inputs and train outputs, in my 2700 SPM game. Flensburg, Hamburg They are also inefficient to belt -- 1 copper plate makes 2 copper cables, inflating the need for belts by two-fold! Privacy Policy. The following is a split-off off a 4-wide bus. (Many products require both iron plates and gear wheels). One of the most notable designs include the use of conveyor belts. This is done by adding two more splitters at the end of the balancer, as it can be seen here: However most balancers' bottlenecks can't be solved as easily. steel, copper cable, iron gear wheel) but it gets way too complicated to belt weave and it winds up making more sense to having dedicated assemblers for each of their end products. This indicates not enough products being produced to meet demand, this can be remedied with adding more lanes with corresponding more production further up the chain of production. - With splitter priorities that were added in 0.16 it is very simple to split off a belt from a main bus while ensuring good throughput properties. by RLS0812 Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:22 am, Post I hope to cover everything in the series, but if you can't find something in the playlist above please leave a comment and I'll try to make a video on it.Today we covered how to split off a main bus, using priority splitters in both a waterfall and a reverse waterfall method, as well as more traditional main bus splits which take 25% off each lane.Map Download String: is a game in which you build and maintain factories.You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. This may happen at a later stage in the game up to which a bus is a very good tool to reduce clutter. Just found you on Youtube last year. Some of the most popular companies departing from Hamburg are: Comati PSG, DTG Deutsche Touring GmbH, Sindbad, Union Ivkoni, Winew and Rute Auto. For more information, please see our Pristina, Hamburg By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Balancers that are input balanced take evenly from all input belts/belt lanes. - The first bus me and my friend are working on is currently like 8 hours into development and we've just got everything set where we can start making plastic, so it takes a long time. Please see the. Having smaller groups of only one or two is also not a bad thing. - by Amarula Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:44 pm, Post If you want to get away from spaghetti designs, building a Main Bus will allow you to reach a vast throughput of materials through your factory. I agree with Hedning, that it depends on whether you want to launch one satellite and then say "game over" (and start over), or continue on, and see how many satellites you can launch, and build a mega-base! You especially want more gears and iron plates because that's what your betls cost to produce. While the core gameplay is in the form of the freeplay scenario, there are a range of interesting challenges in the form of the Scenario pack, available as free DLC. Yea, that's fine, to make gears where they are needed. Over time, I've built a large number of factories here are some examples of Main Bus systems that I've used. penelope douglas husband, ethical dilemma remain intubated or withdraw life support, impossible situations can become possible miracles,